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A disappointing adaptation: “Five Nights at Freddy’s” lacks identity and scares

“Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF)” continues the downward spiral of video game adaptations onto the big screen. The film is riddled with jump scares, subplots, and uninspired dialogue; the film doesn’t take advantage of the eerie atmosphere that worked for the game, and it fails to find its identity due to its PG-13 rating, which limits the possibilities of what can be shown.

The film, which was released on Peacock on Oct. 26 and in theaters the very next day, is about a security officer named Mi

“Careers in Cannabis” with the College of Business

The cannabis industry has taken the state of N.J. by storm, which is why Rowan’s Rorher College of Business held a career fair called, “Careers in Cannabis Industry Networking Night” on Nov. 1, at Business Hall. Students were able to talk to experts in the industry and show the different career opportunities that do not involve directly touching the product.

From July 2022 to Sept. 2022, sales receipts on recreational and medicinal cannabis in NJ have totaled over $177 million. Jennifer Maden,

RALT and Riley Van Oyen raise spirits with ‘Back to the Graveyard’

Rowan Alternative Music (RALT) and Riley Van Oyen presented “Back to the Graveyard” on Oct. 28. This Halloween-themed concert brought in an enormous and enthusiastic costume-wearing crowd.

This event was initially called “Back to the Garden,” which has been putting on shows for a few years now. Lead vocalist Pat Johnson, of the band Floracene, has been performing for five years. They were allowed to perform for Oyen in 2019 but didn’t due to reasons beyond their control. After a small hiatus, t